Campaign Issues

Public Safety and Staffing

This will be my first priority when elected Sheriff.  Our county is one of the fastest growing in the nation and we are currently understaffed with deputies patrolling our communities. 

Did you know that according to the Snohomish County Prosecutor, violent crime has increased 75% in the last 3 years.  As Sherrif, I will ensure that every tax dollar is used efficiently and effectively to keep residents and deputies safe and sound, while also deterring crime.

Enforcement of our Laws

I believe the primary role of government is to keep its citizens safe.   This is accomplished, in part, by enforcement of our criminal laws.   I will re-focus the Sheriff’s Office in the area of enforcement and allow deputies more discretion in making arrests. 

When I’m elected Sheriff, the jail will no longer be allowed to refuse most misdeamor suspects who are high on drugs, while deputies are required to return the suspect to the neighborhood in which they were arrested. 

I will remove the handcuffs from police officers and put them back on criminals. 

Accountability with Compassion 

It is time to bring back common-sense policing to Snohomish County!  While the opioid/homelessness issue is very real and needs addressing, I can assure the citizens of Snohomish County I will bring back a balance between accountability and compassion.


When I am elected Sheriff, the leadership style currently in place at the Sheriff’s Office will dramatically improve.  I will continually listen to both the men and women with boots on the ground who are closest to the issues we face every day. I come from the rank and file and I understand and will never forget that the small things still matter.

Furthermore, I will make regular communication and outreach to the community a top priority.  

As Sheriff, I will cultivate a culture of respect and appreciation for every staff person in the Sherrif’s office and every resident in Snohomish County.