First and foremost, Adam is endorsed by the men and women of law enforcement who put 
their lives on the line every day for Snohomish County citizens. Adam is also endorsed by local and state elected officials, community members and business leaders.

"I am endorsing Adam Fortney for Sheriff because I believe that he is the change that is needed to help manage and operate the jail in a safe and effective manner at the Sheriff’s office. The current administration is operating the jail in a manner that is counterproductive to the will of the taxpaying citizens. This is being done at great cost to the taxpaying citizens, both financially and in terms of safety to the public. I believe that Adam Fortney has the experience to help get the jail administration back on track of serving the citizens of Snohomish County and providing safe streets that the taxpaying citizens have already paid for."
Chuck Carrell
President - Snohomish County Corrections Guild

Crime is on the rise in Snohomish County and something needs to be done about it! We need to elect a Sheriff who will make crime fighting a priority. I know Adam Fortney will bring the community and the Sheriff's Office together to reduce crime and make Snohomish County a safer place for all of us.
Captain H.W. Oberg 
Snohomish County Sheriffs Office

I am voting for Adam Fortney for Snohomish County Sheriff because he is the correct and clear choice to lead the sheriff’s office in the direction that the public and the deputies need.

There has been a very obvious change in the dynamics of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office over the last several years in the areas of how services are provided to the public, the administrations communication with subordinate ranks, and the policies that govern how we do our jobs… just to name a few.  I firmly believe that Adam will change how the sheriff’s office conducts business internally and externally to the benefit of Snohomish County as a whole.

I have been in law enforcement for 23 years, almost exactly half of my life, and have worked under four different leaders, both Police Chief’s and County Sheriff’s.  I have also worked directly for Adam Fortney under his watch as he performed his duties as a Sergeant for the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, and I have never worked for a more honest, straight-forward, hard-working, ethical, and caring person during the course of my career.  Adam places the best interests of the public, the sheriff’s office, and the deputies, above his own consistently, and I believe whole-heartedly that he will carry those traits with him as Sheriff. I also believe that he will bring the sheriff’s office back to the point where the deputies handling the calls for service will feel encouraged, empowered and respected by the man leading them every day, which is not currently the case.

I am voting for Adam Fortney for Snohomish County Sheriff and I sincerely hope you do also.
C.D.  23 year law enforcement veteran/current deputy sheriff. 

Snohomish County Deputy Sherrif’s Association

Everett Police Officer’s Association

Mountlake Terrace Police Guild

Edmonds Police Officer’s Association

Arlington Police Officer’s Association

Teamsters 783
Corrections Support – approximately 93 employees
Corrections Supervisors – 5 employees
Law Enforcement Support – approximately 51
Corrections Sgts/Lts – approximately 22

City of Arlington Fire Department Local 3728 

I have been a deputy prosecutor for 28 years and have never seen the Sheriff's office in greater need of a change of leadership. I look forward to Adam returning the Sheriff office to its actual purpose-law enforcement and accountability for offenders, instead of draining resources on social work. I urge you to join me in supporting Adam.
Tobin Darrow
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney/Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office

Anna Rorhbaugh
Mukilteo City Councilmember

Representative Robert Sutherland
Washington State, 39th District

Rob Toyer
Marysville City Councilmember

Mark A. James
Marysville City Councilmember

As a small business owner in Everett and Millcreek, and a long term Lynnwood resident, I’m supporting Adam Fortney for Sheriff because he has the courage to take on the status quo policies that are negatively impacting the quality of life in every corner of the county.

I see the results of the failed jail policy almost daily in drug addicts roaming the streets stealing for their next high, dirty needles littering our parks and neighborhoods, and emboldened criminals disregarding the law due to a lack of consequences at every level of law enforcement. We need leaders who put people above politics! 

Please join me in voting for Adam Fortney.
Kerri Lonergan-Dreke
Vice President, Lombardi’s Italian Restaurants
Former Lynnwood City Councilmember

I myself am a military man, a U.S. Army infantry veteran. I have had the distinct pleasure of serving with some of the best men and women this country had to offer. It was my military experiences that made the importance of the upcoming sheriff's election painfully clear. It seems that Ty Trenary has lost the confidence of the line staff. Of course, this piqued my interest even more and so I began to dig a bit deeper. My focus was to see just who was endorsing the incumbent. That's when I learned that Ty is a paper tiger, more politician than real police. Ty has the support of nearly every other sitting sheriff in the state, many state legislators and city council members.  But for all the brass and politicos that threw their name in for Ty, what Ty lacked was the troops.  A leader without the faith and trust of the men and women under their charge is no leader at all.

So please, citizens of Snohomish County, let's all make informed decisions come November. As it turns out, the stakes are higher than we thought. It's up to us to bring accountability back to 3000 Rockefeller Ave and that is why I will be casting my vote for Adam. The brave men and women of law enforcement deserve trust and leadership, not politics!
William Floyd

Adam is a problem-solver, and most of his energy goes to helping people. He thrives in the challenge that leadership has to offer.
A.F. Shoreline, Washington

Doug Roulstone
Retired Navy Commander
USS John C. Stennis

I would go through any door and into any war with this leader. We need more people like him. For SnoCo residents…….this is a big one and could change the safety in your community.”
R.P.-Stanwood-15 year law enforcement veteran, current deputy sheriff

“Spring is among us. As the crooks emerge and get hooked up on their warrants, feel free to bring them by the jail so they can be declined and released back into society. It’s a great waste of time and drain on our resources.” 
SCSO Patrol Sergeant

Adam cares about this county and is relentless in his efforts to serve and protect its’ citizens. Despite being a vigorous crime fighter, I have also seen his compassion and understanding in his efforts to help those struggling with addiction, mental health, and homelessness. I believe that Adam has the ability to find a balance between compassion for real societal problems and the need for order and public safety in this community. I am voting for Adam Fortney because I believe a vote for Adam is a vote for safer communities and a vote for an Office that truly serves the interests of its’ citizens.
M.H. Lake Stevens---5 year law enforcement veteran.

I support Adam Fortney for the position of Sheriff of Snohomish County. I am a recently retired Snohomish County Sheriff’s Sergeant of 31 years and have experienced several different commands under different Sheriff’s over the years.Adam is a compassionate, motivated and caring person. I have worked with Adam both on the road handling patrol service calls as well as Major Crimes investigations. I have also had the privilege of working with him as a member of the Deputy Sheriffs Association. He cares about the citizens of Snohomish County as well as the law enforcement officers out there doing the best they can with the limited resources available to them.

Adam is truly passionate about our community and the people living here. He wants our citizens to feel safe in their neighborhoods. He understands the need to help those in our community fighting opioid, drug, and alcohol abuse by partnering with other community social services, but he has observed an area that we have been weak in and that is enforcement and holding people accountable for their criminal actions. 

Adam is ready to do what it takes to make our communities safe and I would ask that you join me in supporting Adam Fortney for Sheriff.
Shawn P. Stich
Retired Snohomish County Sheriff’s Sergeant

I am voting for Adam Fortney for Sheriff because we need to get back to holding people accountable for their actions. Helping those who want to help themselves is great. Just because you need help does not make you immune from being held accountable.”
B.M.—Snohomish—30 year law enforcement veteran, current deputy sheriff

I had the pleasure of working with and for Adam for over 11 years. I left Law Enforcement for many reasons Adam spoke of. The current Sheriff doesn’t care that career Law Enforcent Officer’s are leaving his Dept at alarming rates. Adam has always taken pride in working for Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office and is the only candidate that will make a difference and fix what is truly broken. What they need is a leader that cares, like Adam, not a self-serving person.
Bryson McGee

Adam Fortney has been a friend and colleague for over a decade and is highly respected. I have been in Snohomish County law enforcement for over 33 years and Adam stands out as a leader who is dedicated to the citizens. He possesses a passion for fighting crime and offers a common sense approach to dealing with the criminal element in Snohomish County.
Mike Mansur

I have been in law enforcement for many years including working 30 years under a number of Snohomish County Sheriffs. The current Administration, under Ty Trenary has set our County, citizens and agency on the wrong path by choosing their current policies. These policies result in criminals that victimize citizens or have warrants to be turned away from the jail so the Sheriffs Office and County don’t run the risk of lawsuits or have to pay for the criminals care. Isn’t our job to protect and serve the public instead of putting ourselves first?

As a result of failed policies and poor leadership, the Sheriffs Office has had record numbers of deputies leaving which means new ones have to be hired. It also has led to at least 1/3 of the deputies having 2 years or less of experience and cost 100s of thousands of tax payer dollars to hire and train these new people. These are just some of the reasons I SUPPORT ADAM FORTNEY FOR SHERIFF. He will bring back accountabilty to criminals, at the same time offering them services, if they are willing to accept it and bring back stability to the Sheriffs Office staff so we can do our jobs. Last and most importantly, Adam is a man of integrity and will put our County and citizens needs before his own. A vote for Adam is the Change we Need with the Safety we Deserve.


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